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Which wedding video style suits your day?

All Wedding videos are different, and just like the wedding photographer and florist, they all come with their own style. The price of the wedding video is usually a good indicator of the type of video the wedding company provide, here's our guide to help you decide which wedding video style is best for you.

Documentary style wedding video

This natural, unobtrusive style of filming usually follows the action of the day with nothing set up. The wedding videographer should just melt into the background, capturing you wedding day on film, just as it happens. The natural sound plays a big part in this as the little moments captured between bride & groom, or father and daughter is what makes this kind of wedding video filming so special. The speeches and the ceremony are left untouched so that you replay those special moments again and again. This is a great memento of the whole day for friends & family to enjoy.

The average price for this ranges from £500 to to £1000.

What is cinematic wedding video?

Lights, camera, action, Hollywood calling. This style of wedding video appeals to the bride and groom who don't mind being filmed, in fact they relish it. Lots of set up filming, playing to the camera and stylised shots, make this type of video more like a feature film. The videographers invariably bring a lot of different cameras to the shoot to recreate a cinematic experience. The bride and groom become more stars of their own wedding video and you often get a shorter wedding video, at a higher price.

The average price for this kind of video is £2000 to £10,000 and is around 15 mins long.

What is shoot-it-yourself video?

This is the opposite of the cinematic wedding video, this is completely au naturel with the hired camera designated to one of the reliable guests. The wedding video production company usually lend you the camera for a set price and then just charge you for the editing. You will need to choose a reliable (sober) person to be responsible for this but if you are conscious of being filmed, it works well to get a friend to do it.

Prices start from £200 to £750

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