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7 reasons to book a Wedding Videographer

Updated: Jun 2, 2021

The Guest List, Wedding Venue and Wedding Dress are usually the first things to get booked when planning a wedding, with the Wedding Videographer trailing quite close to the bottom, depending on how the budget goes. We have never met a bride yet who regretted having a wedding video so here's our reasons why we think you should consider booking a professional videographer.

  1. Hear and see the day again - this is your wedding day, one of the most important days of your life, a day that you will hopefully want to remember forever. The wedding photographs are a wonderful memory but the advantage of video, is sound. Snatched conversations, excitement of the moment, funny or emotional speeches, these are all captured on the video.

  2. Star for a day - Sometimes brides, and especially grooms don't like the idea of being filmed but you shouldn't notice a good wedding videographer. There is so much going on in the day with friendly faces smiling and taking photographs, that a person with a video camera suddenly seems to disappear.

  3. A moment in time - The day goes past so quickly that before you know it, you're married and the day is half over. The wedding video has recorded all these wonderful moments from the flower girl nervously walking ahead of the wedding party to the first kiss after the signing of the register.

  4. Memories forever - A wedding day is a snapshot of time in your life, friends and family caught in time on one special day. A wedding video is a great way to capture memories so that all those friends and family live on forever.

  5. Missed moments - A lot of the reception is taken up by photographs, so the video footage will be everywhere you aren't. Many times brides say, I missed that or didn't get time to see that, the wedding videographer will always be your eyes and ears for the whole day.

  6. Relive the Speeches - The wedding speeches are the bit everyone waits for after the meal, and for the speakers themselves it can be as much a pleasure as it is a painful experience. Much fun can be had by reliving the speeches again, when the excitement of the day has calmed down.

  7. Replay the first Dance - The First Dance as man and wife is a great moment for the bride & groom to be caught up with each other as the family look on, quite often the B&G rehearse their dance so they can watch it again and again or send it into Strictly come Dancing.

  8. Share the day - Highlights of the day. The whole wedding day can be cut down into highlights that you can send to friends and family over the internet to watch again all over the world, especially those who could not come to the wedding itself.

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